An Engineer who has been on various adventures around the world and also has a demanding job in Industrial Automation is thrust with another big responsibility of Motherhood!

Follow my journey in learning & designing ideas, with each day observing my baby, nurturing her with my new found mommy skills, finding solutions for every obstacle and to make her smile.

Blessed with a gift of seeing  beauty in the small wonders of nature, and a curious mind always wanting to explore the surroundings, I embark on a journey to find my dreams & to find my true self.

The smile never fades from my face & my eyes twinkle when I talk about my precious baby girl, the places I have visited, the friends I treasure deep in my heart and the variety of cuisines I have tasted.

Food, for me,  is a symbol of the good times with loved ones which I will cherish for the rest of her life. My passion for Nature makes me travel, explore and absorb the beauty of the Earth. My other passions include Fitness, Desserts (yes, both in one breath), Cooking, Books, Paper Crafts, Cute Animals & Environmental Consciousness. 

Read and spread my stories and don’t forget to Eat, Travel and Smile.