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I had started reading about baby foods way before my baby
was ready for it and when she turned 6 months old, I was excited to try out all
the baby food recipes and charts from the websites. Reality – she ate only
Cerelac Wheat apple which my in-laws got from India for the first month. She
has a really small mouth and would eat only a few spoons at a time.

Slowly, I started making fruit and veggie purees and mixed
them with oats or rice cereal to create more flavors and she loved them (I am a
positive thinker!). I tried following this awesome website with detailed
recipes for all ages.

Feeding her is a big deal, she is underweight and has a
small appetite and a very distracted brain. It usually takes a couple of people
entertaining her for half an hour to eat a small bowl of food. Kudos to in-laws
& hubby for patiently feeding her thrice a day with song, dance and every
type of entertainment possible.

At around 8months, I started feeding her Khichdi – lentils
& rice mixed with veggies for a wholesome diet.  When there was a time crunch, I would use the
Cerelac Khichdi Mix – just add hot water to it and a teaspoon of ghee to make
it a nutritional meal. Our pediatrician said that her main nutrition is still
breastmilk or formula, so don’t worry about her not eating enough which put us
into great relief.

When we were travelling to India, I solely depended on
Little Moppet’s instant mixes. I am so thankful for these mixes, gave me peace
of mind that I am not compromising on nutrition while travelling. I ordered a
batch of all their instant mixes to be delivered to my parent’s house and used
them throughout our trip – (
The Organic Saathmaavu & Khichdi mixes are super nutritious and I believe
they actually helped my baby in overcoming a slight iron deficiency. Now that
my baby is 1yr old, I still give her millet saathmaavu mix cooked with fruit
puree for her afternoon meal in daycare.  It keeps her full till we get back home from

When my little one turned one and I started giving whole
milk (cow’s milk) to her, she loved it and drank a lot and gained weight
quicker than before. Also, her appetite suddenly grew and we feed her 5-6 meals
per day and milk on demand.

Most 1yr olds graduate to finger foods by now and I have
been making roasted veggies every weekend to get her used to them. I also slice
up soft fruits like strawberries, mango, grapes so she can hold & suck on
them. She still gags and chokes on finger food, so we practice them as snacks
and the main meals are still blended versions. A typical day follows like this:

5.30am: Milk

7.00am: Breakfast – Strawberry/Mango milkshake with Gerber
Oats cereal

9.30am: Mid-Morning meal – Whole wheat cereal with milk

11.30am: Lunch – Khichdi

12.00pm- 2.30pm: Naptime + Milk

3.30pm: Mid-afternoon meal – Fruit puree with oats or

5.30pm: Milk and fruits/biscuits

7.00pm: Dinner – Khichdi or veggie rice with yogurt

8.30pm: Milk

10.00pm: Milk

2.30am – Milk

I have been using the Instant Pot for cooking fruits/veggies
and khichdi for the last 6 months now. I use the pot-in-pot method to stack 3
containers in the main pot and cook all 3 meals at the same time. In
half-an-hour, the meals are ready to be packed. Here is a sample of the meal I
prepare for the day:

Container 1 –Khichdi- 
1 tbsp Moong dal, 1 tbsp Sona masuri rice, veggies of choice – carrots, french
beans, tomato, peas, potato, zucchini, bottle gourd etc. I add a pinch of
turmeric, cumin powder, salt & pepper for taste.

Container 2 –Rice with peas & carrots or tomato. I add
homemade yogurt to it while serving her dinner.

Container 3 – Fruits like apple or pear to make puree. I mix
it with oats/multigrain cereal or fine roasted semolina/rava.

Hope this blog information was useful to the new mommies out

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