Review – Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill

This place instantly transports you to the land of the Royal Middle East. The moment you enter the main door, the place greets you with carved wooden doors, a burst of orchids and daisies and the famous Middle Eastern architecture of stone archways and intricate patterns painted on them. I recently learnt an interesting fact about the patterns. Islam forbids the use of animal or human figures in art, so the people turned their attention to other natural objects like flowers and leaves and a lot of kaleidoscopic patterns to adorn their heritage. Continuing with the theme, the tables are marble topped and painted with tulips.

My eyes were still admiring the ambience when suddenly something else caught my attention. The Food!! A rich array of bountiful food prepared right in front of your eyes and served hot off the stove. Fadi’s is a delight for vegetarians with lots of salads and cooked vegetables to choose from. The cuisine is close to Indian food but has an exotic taste of herbs and I could see the liberal use of nuts and seeds.

I always take the vegetarian sampler plate which includes generous portions of all the dishes and can be shared between two people. I started off with the colorful salads. My favorite is the Couscous salad with raisins or dried cranberries. The other salads are the Greek and Fattoush served with dips like Hummus (one of the best I ever had), Tahini and Cucumber Dill Yogurt. Then you also have pita breads like spinach pie and Zatar pita. Not to forget everybody’s favorite Falafel, those deep fried chickpeas patties… yumm delightful!

Moving on to the hot section, you get to pick your vegetables like the Egyptian Okra (cooked okra in a tangy sauce), Coriander Potatoes (I kept eating it after every other bite), Cilantro Zucchini and Pomegranate Eggplant along with flavored rice and pita breads. Basically, all the cooked dishes resemble Indian dishes but they are very lightly flavored using herbs instead of spices.

I still have to try the dessert section consisting of various fruit juices topped with dry fruits. The meal is hearty and wholesome and you feel the goodness of nature in you. It leaves you feeling satisfied and not weighed down like other foods do. Now I know the secret behind the beautiful glow of all those Turkish, Iranian and Lebanese people.

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