Review – Cafe Brazil

Think Brazil and you think about the beautiful laid back sunny beaches, a great soccer  team and Brazilian coffee. All this and more is incorporated in the Cafe Brazil, a lovely cornerside cafe in Midtown, Houston with a plant covered patio seating. They serve breakfast, lunch & dinner and their menu is a mixture of American, Mexican and Brazilian dishes. The best thing is they have lots of healthy vegetarian options and their portion size is just right for one person.

I loved the ambiance too, warm wooden interiors and also a small area for live music. There were musicians practicing their songs on the day I went and the music floated outside to the patio too. The plants enclosing the patio offer a peek at the road while offering a cool shade to sit and enjoy the meal.  A walk in the quiet neighborhood is recommended too. There are a few old eclectic houses and tree houses which add to the charm of the neighborhood. 

Coming back to the food, I tried their veggie empanada plate and veggie tamale plate which consists of 2 freshly made empanadas and tamales each served with spicy sauces and a small salad with a delicious dressing. The tamale comes in a corn husk wrap and tastes a lot  like the Indian idly but is made of corn flour with cheese stuffing between the layers. The meal is light & fresh and the place allows you to have a nice long conversation with your friends.It is a must try to have a relaxed evening with a date or with friends.  I will be going back pretty soon to taste their desserts and coffees specially in the winter.

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