My Handy Helpers

Since, I work in automation, any device which automates my housework is a must have for me (husband excluded.. lol). With a baby crawling all over the house & mouthing the tiniest of particles on the floor, the house needs to be clean.

For cleaning, I got the Roomba 690 with scheduling so that I could program it to clean the house when we are at work. I did not go for the real fancy models which are super expensive with a lot of features, I just needed a scheduler. I programed it to run on alternate days and my husband mops the house over the weekend. It works great on our laminated floor and covers the whole house (1200 sq ft) in one charge. We prefer not to have any carpets in the house except for a playmat and two bath rugs. The Roomba has no problems cleaning the rugs and works its charm especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Roomba 690

If you watch it, it may look like random motion, drifting from one room to another but it gets the job done and repeatedly cleans a place it finds more dust. It connects to the wifi too and comes with an app so that I can check on its status from office and notifies me when to empty its bins and clean its brushes. It does get stuck sometimes with a random toy or sock or handkerchief lying on the floor, sticking to the brushes but other than that, it is an amazing helper for our busy schedules.

The next big help for a working mom is needed in the kitchen. We prefer to cook fresh meals for dinner and eat the leftovers for lunch. The Instant Pot has been my companion for the last 3 years and I use it everyday multiple times to make baby food, lentils, rice, dumplings, yogurt, idli-dosa fermented batters etc. and it has never disappointed me!

I am loving the delay function these days, I just soak lentils in water and use the Bean mode after a delay of 10hours. When I come back from work, all I have to do is add salt & spices to the lentils and one dish is ready to go.
The newer versions have wifi connectivity and can bake cakes too. I have not used my stovetop much since I got the Instant Pot and would love to try out new recipes I find online and on facebook groups.

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1

We enjoy both North Indian & South Indian food and prepare most of the dishes from scratch. The hard part is the Roti/Chapati. I never got the rolling part right and took so much time to make it and the cleanup after dinner was another turnoff. So we would get frozen or ready-made rotis from stores. When my in-laws visited us, MIL was making such good rotis but it was tiring, time-consuming, the cleaning was hard and the whole house would become smoky.

So on my birthday this year, my hubby who never gifts me material things, gifted me the magic of Rotimatic!! It was like a dream come true. I had been following its journey from the day it was launched in Singapore and signed up for the waiting list and prayed that one day it will be launched in the USA. The price was steep but the prospect of eating fresh hot rotis at home put everything behind.

The rotis do not turn out as good as handmade but its a close second. The winner is the Bajra roti setting. Bajra rotis are so hard to make by hand and get stiff and hard to eat by regular methods. The Rotimatic Bajra rotis are amazing! Crispy, light, healthy and delicious with any curry. The puri setting also produces good results and hubby loves making stuffed paratas out of them. This multipurpose device has saved me countless hours in the kitchen and would recommend to all moms!

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