Review – Souper Salad

A Vegetarian’s heaven, Souper Salad is a place crowded with people in gym clothes to show that they eat healthy and people who desperately had to lose a minimum of 50 pounds off their body.  

Hummus, pasta, freshly cut fruits, peas, croutons, variety of cheese, roasted nuts and a huge selection of dressing. I liked the Thousand Island and Chipotle. My plate was heaped with all the goodness of salads and it was just the first serving. I ended up having four servings of different entrees and desserts. Yummm…

The buffet

There was a whole selection of breads – garlic, whole wheat, herbs, pita and even pizzas. The delicious garlic bread dipped in olive oil was a classic. The veg pizza was a dry one with bell peppers and tomatoes and it looked well baked. For Texans, a touch of Tex-Mex food is necessary to satisfy their hearty appetite, so they had warm nacho cheese dip with chips and a self-make taco section with beans and sauces.   I even had veggie lasagna which was passable. I like the creamy spinach lasagna more.

It’s impossible to have a salad without the comfort of soups. This place offers a variety of soups right from the tomato basil soup to lentil soup and gumbo soup. I was already having the feeling that I would burst and I still had the desserts section to go.

Dessert consisted of sponge cake, melt-in-the-mouth fresh strawberry jelly, whipped cream and fruits. There is also a Softie ice-cream machine in a corner and you can top it with caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, walnut shavings, confetti and other assortments. Burp!

Okay, time to go home now. Sleeppy… oh wait, did I tell you the price?? It’s an unbelievable $6!! One more advice – go with a group of friends; you need breaks between helpings and talking really helps in enjoying the meal for a good 2 hours. Yeah, I did eat for two hours.

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