Since, I did not have any morning sickness, there was nothing to complain about. I had some tiredness and would fall asleep anywhere, anytime but kept up my yoga & pilates routine at the gym.

My husband and me are avid travelers and for his birthday, we decided to go to Chichen Itza and Cancun, Mexico. It is his dream to visit the 7 wonders of the world and I was fortunate to accompany him to 4 of them so far. We decided to have a relaxing resort vacation in Cancun and took a packaged tour to Chichen Itza. Comfort and food was the mantra on this trip and my husband took great efforts to ensure that I have plenty of food and snacks at all times.

Time to meet the baby!! By the time we made the doctor appointments, it was already 13 weeks. When we saw the baby for the first time in the ultrasound and saw its heart beating is when we realized how real this was. I automatically had tears running down my cheeks, just amazed by nature’s process of developing the baby. It was mind boggling to think how each cell comes together to make a complete human.