Preggo Life Summary

I am pregnant! – it took a couple of months to realize that it was actually happening to me. I was in denial mode until my husband asked me to confirm with a home test and when it came out positive, I had a mix of emotions. I was not mentally ready for this, I had always been the free-spirited independent girl who did not have any maternal instincts and not ready to step down to become dependent on my husband and raise a child.

On the other hand, my husband was super excited, super supportive and it was the joy in his eyes & the plans in his brains which made me believe I could do it. Our journey together was remarkable in those 9 months, we watched each other change physically and mature mentally.

I have been one of the rare lucky ones with no morning sickness, nausea or any other complications. I had been healthy with lots of energy and still did my routine stuff, a bit more slowly and carefully.

The big change I noticed was that I lost my sweet tooth and just could not eat desserts or chocolates 🙁 !! Such a bummer, I had always watched the movies where preggo gobbles every dessert. I preferred salty, spicy & tangy foods. Also, I could not handle the food from restaurants and any artificial flavored processed food, I could taste the preservatives. I preferred healthy, home food, fruits and coconut water.

My husband and the Instant Pot became life savers in this journey. My husband would prep up the veggies and fruit snacks and I would cook all the dishes in a jiffy.

We are avid travelers and still traveled a bit to relaxing destinations & resorts rather than the hiking, camping kind of trips we did before. Hubby made sure I had plenty to eat and not tired during those trips.

My proud moment came when my boss came to me and asked if I could be on-site at a chemical plant when my project goes live. I accepted the offer and was on site doing graphic and instrumentation checks 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for a month!! Everyone was amazed that I was able to handle the duty in my 7th month.. wohoo! It did give me a kick and the baby kicked hard too. It was fun to play the poking game with the baby after meals. I could see her excited and moving & kicking around. 

One thing I enjoyed the most during pregnancy was all the attention I was getting. People randomly chatting with me, telling me I looked round & cute waddling around like a penguin, offering to help me at the stores. All the attention goes to the baby when it is born, so till then enjoy the love showered on you.

I had also did not to heed much to people’s advices, from mom to friends to strangers everyone wanted to give me advice and I was not ready to listen to them. I did my own research & talked to doctor if I had questions which helped me stay sane and less anxious. 

All in all, I actually enjoyed my journey through pregnancy, worked till the last day, had a nice haircut, watched a movie with family and the labor started around midnight and by 4.30 am, I had a precious baby in my arms. So ladies, no matter how scared and nervous you are during pregnancy, learn to accept & enjoy the little moments with your loved ones because you won’t find time when the baby is here. 

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